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Newtonian Mechanics for Undergraduates (in English)

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About Course

Newtonian Mechanics

  • The medium of Instruction is ENGLISH.
  • For BSc Physics and IIT JAM, JEST, CSIR NET, GATE aspirants
  • All lectures are pre-recorded, you can watch them at your convenience time.
  • The full course will be available to you for lifetime, along with all new additions and updates.
  • Each lecture length will be of less than one hour duration so that you won’t get tired.
  • Lectures Starting from scratch. No prior knowledge is assumed.
  • Lectures will be focusing on concept building and deriving things. We will not skip anything.
  • This is NOT an IIT JEE course. JEE aspirants please don’t enroll in this course.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Dimensional Analysis and Error Calculation
  • Basics of Vectors, Differentiation and Integration
  • Basic Kinematics
  • Velocity and acceleration in plane Polar coordinates
  • Newton's Laws and Applications
  • Conservation of Momentum and Energy
  • Center of mass and variable mass
  • Angular Momentum and Torque
  • Moment of Inertia and Rotational Dynamics
  • Central Forces in great details
  • Rigid body Dynamics
  • Non-inertial frames, Coriolis forces
  • A bit of fluid dynamics
  • Complete IIT JAM syllabus of Newtonian Mechanics
  • Complete CSIR NET, GATE, JEST syllabus of Newtonian Mechanics

Course Content

Preliminary Concepts
Dimensional analysis, error analysis, Vectors and basic Mathematics, Rectilinear and circular motion, Kinematics, Velocity and acceleration in Polar coordinates

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12 months ago
I enrolled for Newtonian mechanics and It's going to be very useful for iit jam, csir net, jest, tide.... etc.
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