Sk Jahiruddin

physicsguide.in is an initiative to improve the quality of Physics Education in India. The chief mentor of the project is Sk Jahiruddin who is the topper of M.Sc-Physics (2011) batch of IIT Bombay.

Here we are on a mission to bring all Physics students of India under a common platform. Through this website, we are on a mission to show the right track to reach the goal to learn physics to every student. In this digital age, the role of a teacher is not limited to his/her classroom, a teacher can reach effectively every student of India through the internet.

We will, under the supervision of Sk Jahiruddin sir are here to guide you, to mentor you, to make you read and make you practice. We will tell you what book to read, and which topics are more important for which exam and which topics you do not need to read. We will give you collections of conceptual questions and problems which you must solve to tighten your grip on the subject.

We are here to protect you from all misguidance. Physics is subject to immense interest and hard work. You must on your mark, set and go. We will show you the track.