Practice Subject Wise Important Questions of B.Sc and M.Sc standard

Practice Important Questions and Test your Skill – IIT JAM, CSIR NET

Here I’m sharing my one of the most important work with you. Topicwise segregated important questions which you will practice. I have included questions mainly from IIT JAM, CSIR NET, JEST, GATE, TIFR and Physics GRE examination. Questions from Both B.Sc and M.Sc levels are included. Under every topic there are subtopics and inside the subtopics, important questions from one special concept are segregated together.

For example, under electricity magnetism JAM section you will find questions by topics – starting with electric field and potential, applications of Gauss law, electrostatic energy, image problem, dipole moments etc. Thus you will have important questions from all competitive exams from one topic and concepts together in one place.

I have found some concepts which have never been asked before in any exam and have enough potential to be asked in recent future. I have tried to make some questions on these concepts and I have included some of these questions here for you.

Important Questions for IIT JAM, JEST, TIFR, DU etc

Mathematical Methods

Mechanics and General Properties of Matter

Oscillation, Waves, and Optics

Electricity and Magnetism

Kinetic theory and Thermodynamics

Modern Physics

Solid State Physics and Electronics


Important Questions for CSIR NET, GATE, JEST, TIFR etc.

Mathematical Methods

Classical Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Electromagnetic Theory

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Special Relativity

Error Calculation