How to Qualify IIT JAM Physics - Comprehensive Strategy

Book-list and strategy: Step by step guide to what to read and what not to read

Here I’ll describe you what to read, how to read and what you don’t need to read. Many of the students just don’t qualify any competitive am just because they don’t know these points properly.

First, IIT-JAM exam in Physics has dual purpose, test both your concepts and analytical problem solving skill. Many of you just run after coaching center materials, short cut ways, suggestions etc. I dare comment, the exam is to test your physics skill, not your manage power or juggad , so your one and only goal should be build your concepts in physics. I’ll, discuss step by step below.


Read Textbooks

Here is the first and most important point. Read Textbooks. What textbooks you should read? I’m listing the textbooks topic-wise.

Solve Textbooks problems

Just reading textbooks are not enough, to attempt the problems given in the chapters is a must try. First you must understand the examples given in the textbooks and then you must try to solve almost every problems in the textbooks mentioned above.  It is definitely true that you won’t be able to solve all the problems, in case of Goldstein you may stuck in every single problem, but that’s the way to learn. Try as much as you can. What will you do when you stuck at some problem? Here are some ways.

1) Discuss with your teachers and friends.

2) Post your unsolved problems to our dedicated Facebook  group for Physics students.

3) Look at the solution, manual if available.

4) Try to find if the problem is solved in any other reference book.

5) Try to in the internet to find if someone has previously solved the problem and uploaded somewhere in internet.

Solve previous years Exam’s Problems

Solve all competitive exam’s problems of B.Sc level physics.  JAM, Subject GRE questions and selected questions from NET, GATE, JEST and TIFR questions which are from your (B.Sc) level syllabus. You may download previous question papers of all exams from here.

Just downloading the questions is not enough. You need to solve and grasp the hidden concepts inside every problem. You must understand that one question generates at least ten similar questions which can be easily solved if you understand the mother question well.

Exam paper question are random. Segregation of the questions chapter wise is a must. It won’t help if you solve one question of electronics, next question of atomic physics and next question related to canonical transformation. If you are fully prepared then it is fine otherwise you may need to solve previous years’ questions subject wise. You may do it yourselves, or you may buy the e-book which I have written to make your life easy.

Practice mock test before exam

Many students I have seen who can solve questions with conceptual understanding in the class, but fail in the exam because of tension. To avoid that that type of situation you must practice questions in exam environment before the exam.  There are many coaching centres and teachers organise practice test series before exam. Select your own.