Book-list and strategy: Step by step guide to what to read and what not to read

Here I’ll describe you what to read, how to read and what you don’t need to read. Many of the students just don’t qualify any competitive exam just because they don’t know these points properly.

First, CSIR NET Physics is one of the best-organized exams in the world and it is one of the toughest to qualify also. Many of you just run after coaching center materials, shortcut ways, suggestions etc. I dare comment, the exam is to test your physics skill, not your manage power or juggad , so your one and only goal should be building your concepts in physics. I’ll, discuss step by step below.

Read Textbooks

Here is the first and most important point. Read Textbooks. What textbooks you should read? I’m listing the textbooks topic-wise.


“Mathematical Physics Problems ” by Sk Jahiruddin

This book “Mathematical Physics Problems” is the first volume of the series CSIR NET Physics Guide. The series is intended to provide complete guidance to NET Physics Aspirants. The author is the topper of IIT Bombay M.Sc Physics batch of 2011 and ranked 008, CSIR JRF in June 2011. This book is a must for the NET Physics aspirants. I’m working on other volumes, when completed will be uploaded in the website. For details please click here to go to the book page.


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Solve previous years Exam’s Problems

Just not only CSIR NET Physics, solve all competitive exam’s problems of B.Sc and M.Sc level physics. NET, JEST, JAM, GATE, and Subject GRE questions you must solve. You may download previous question papers of all exams from here.

Just downloading the questions is not enough. You need to solve and grasp the hidden concepts inside every problem. You must understand that one question generates at least ten similar questions which can be easily solved if you understand the mother question well.

Exam paper questions are randomly formulated. Segregation of the questions chapter wise is a must. It won’t help if you solve one question of electronics, next question of atomic physics and next question related to canonical transformation. If you are fully prepared then it is fine otherwise you may need to solve previous years’ questions subject wise. You may do it yourselves, or you may buy the e-book which I have written to make your life easy.

Practice mock test before exam

Many students I have seen who can solve questions with conceptual understanding in the class, but fail in the exam because of tension. To avoid that that type of situation you must practice questions in exam environment before the exam. There are many coaching centers and teachers organize practice test series for CSIR NET Physics before the exam. Select your own.

“Mathematical Physics (Complete Guide to NET, GATE, JEST & JAM) “

This book is your friend who guide you to build your concepts on Mathematical Physics and lead you to crack the M.Sc and PhD entrance examinations. The heart of the book is divided into three cores. First is the basic guidance – telling you what to read, where from to read and which problems to solve, second is is the solutions of the problems which was asked in the previous year competitive exams of CSIR NET, GATE, JEST, TIFR and JAM and the third is the exercises to test what have you learned.


The authors have collected all relevant previous year problems from CSIR NET (June 2011 to December 2018), GATE (2005 – 2018), JEST (2012-2018), TIFR (GS-2010 to GS-2019) and JAM (2005-2018) of mathematical physics, sorted those problems chapter-wise and given you the solutions. Each chapter is divided into three sections. In the first section authors will tell you from where you need to read the basic concepts with some solved examples to build your concepts. In the second section there will be problems from various competitive exam papers as mentioned before, then there will be ans keys and complete solutions at the end of the each chapter. In the third section there are exercises selected by the authors to check that you have finally generated the skill required to solve unknown problems


The Book contains 372 solved problems, 106 extra examples, 151 exercises. One full length mock test is given at the end of the book. Advanced chapters like Tensor, Group theory and Greens functions are extensively discussed.

The author is the topper of IIT Bombay M.Sc Physics batch of 2011 and ranked 008, CSIR JRF in June 2011.

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