I’m writing a book for CSIR NET aspirants

I’m writing a book for CSIR NET aspirants

I want to publish a book for CSIR-NET Physics aspirants. I’m telling you my plan.
We know that CSIR NET 2011 June to 2017 June, GATE 2007 to 2017, IIT JAM 2005 to 2017, TIFR 2009 to 2017, JEST 2012 to 2017 and Some JNU and BHU papers available in the market.

I want to sort the question by topics. For example, I’ll collect all the electrostatics questions from all these papers and put them together. Moreover all the questions inside a topic will be sorted by concepts. Again for example, all Gauss law’s problems will be in one place, all capacitor related problems will be in next place followed by electrostatic energy problems and so on…..I’ll add some important concepts before problems of every chapter and every types.
I will add some questions which have never appeared in any competitive exam before and which I will find have enough potential to be considered by the paper setters.
Questions will be sorted easier to harder. So that you can build your concepts step by step and follow the trend of the questions on same topic.
For the time being, It will be impossible for me to provide detailed Solutions… I’ll try to provide ans keys to as much questions as I can and some provide hints for some selected harder problems.
The book can be published very cheap if I make it an ebook and sell kindle version in Amazon. The book can be sold at ₹199 only whereas for a printed book of that much content will cost you approximately ₹600.
So before I begin and invest so much of my precious time and energy, I want to ask some questions to you students. Will the book is worth to be written at all? Will the book be helpful for you? Will people buy that kind of a book? I’ll only begin if I get a good response from you.
Thank you.



The book has been published as kindle e-Book. You can get the eBook (to be read in KINDLE app) by clicking here

Otherwise you can get a pdf copy diretly from me by emailing me on    jahir.iitb@gmail.com