This book “Mathematical Physics Problems” is the first volume of the series CSIR NET Physics Guide. The series is intended to provide complete guidance to NET Physics Aspirants. The author is the topper of IIT Bombay M.Sc Physics batch of 2011 and ranked 008, CSIR JRF in June 2011. In this book he tells you from which book you should study the various topics of Mathematical Physics, what are the main points you need to know and what are the problems you need to solve. The book has more than 300 problems collected from the previous years NET (June 11-Dec 17), GATE (2005-2018), JEST (2012-2018), TIFR (2010-2018), JAM (2005-2018) papers. Moreover the author collected more than 100 extra problems for you to build your concepts and analytical skills.

This book is mainly a book of exercises. Answer keys of the problems are given, Author want you to solve the problems by yourself and verify your answers by the given answer keys. If the book goes popular and the students demand, author will start making solutions.

The basic difference between the other books and this book is the interaction between the author and the reader. The author can easily be contacted for any question, feedback and guidance via email on – Lastly you can discuss the problems of the book our dedicated Facebook group “CSIR-NET, JEST, GATE Physics Guidance at Kolkata” which the author himself admin.

The book is an e-book and can be read in KINDLE app in your mobile. The book can also be read in laptop/desktop in amazon cloud reader after you buy it. The price of the book is just Rs 120. Feel free to contact me on” for any clarification.